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Nine has never needed anyone except her best friend Schuyler. Her head is in the stars while everyone else is earthbound. But her new poetry teacherís quicksilver mind and smoldering good looks explode into her world like a supernova. When they launch into a star-crossed affair that sends Nine into orbit, then threatens to burn her alive on re-entry, she targets Mr. Mann as the object of her rage and obsession.

Frances is falling in love for the very first time. But she has a devastating secret. One day, 11 years ago, her mother Afton suffered a psychotic break with the real world and smothered her own children with a pillow. Frances alone survived. What will her new boyfriend think about her twisted past? Especially now that Afton has sent a chilling message: "I need to see you. We have to finish." Frances and Nix embark on a forbidden journey to confront the monster in its lair so Frances can find peace. Or die trying.

R onald Earl Pettway, better known to his devoted followers as Little Texas, has been on the road six years preaching the gospel as a "child evangelist" and faith healer. Now 16, his hormones are running wild and he's beginning to have doubts. What is the meaning of his unsettling dreams? Why is the beautiful girl he just healed showing up wherever he goes, always wearing the same blue dress? And what diabolical evil is she leading him to on Devil Hill?

A terrifying attack triggers an epileptic seizure that changes Emma Cooper's life forever. Now she is half human and half...something else...something with impossible strength, speed, and senses. But, unlike her attacker, Emma doesn't have to drink blood or fear the sun. Is she some new kind of superhuman? There's just one catch: the monsters are still out there, desperate to know her secret. And they're coming to kill her for it.